Access our on-demand network any time.

Find available adjusters and complete claims faster.

Field Pros Direct starts with a team dedicated to building and maintaining the largest combined roster of licensed independent adjusters in the industry.  We utilize our proprietary adjuster application to share real time adjuster information like location and availability.  Our members-only dashboard provides our clients access to the industry's first On-Demand adjuster network.

Don't be like Joe. Increase your efficiency with Field Pros Direct.

Joe is a fictional character but odds are you have heard real life stories like his.  The prospects of a scenario like his have probably made you lose sleep. Property claims leaders spend months and years creating plans attempting to prevent Joe's scenario, no matter how much effort goes into growing and maintaining a roster, most IA firms would do even more if they had the time and resources. 

Field Pros Direct was born out of years spent searching for the most reliable prevention to the pains Joe felt. We provide the tools and resources to prevent Joe's scenario, and allow you to sleep better.